ArcartaPay Best Practices

The following list denotes a series of principles and best practices that are designed to help you conduct business safely and securely.

1. Exercise care when storing your ArcartaPay account details. For your own safety, we recommend you access your ArcartaPay account through as few devices as possible. We also recommend against using public devices or computers that are not yours.

2. Maintain communication with ArcartaPay regarding current and future business practices to ensure we can continue to offer the desired support and that any card payments meet Stripes terms of service.

3. Refrain from releasing goods until funds have cleared and retain proof of shipping.

4. Always keep a record of all communications and shipping arrangements that take place between you and your client. ArcartaPay will store and encrypt a Transaction Report for any payment you accept or decline.

5. Do not use ArcartaPay to accept or collect partial payments by card or any other method made available by the ArcartaPay service.

6. Review any and all pending Transaction Reports generated for you by ArcartaPay within 7 days of notification of a sale.

7. Contact the ArcartaPay support team if you believe a client has been matched against a Watchlist.

8. Contact ArcartaPay immediately if you believe - or have reason or evidence to support - that the purchaser is attempting to facilitate a fraudulent payment or instigate a scam.

9. Ensure any image of the item being sold, is clear and is an accurate reflection of the item being purchased.

10. Carefully review your Terms and Conditions for each sale and edit or amend where appropriate, per payment. We advise your Terms of Sale are in-line with any applicable regulations pertaining to off-premises and distance sales. You may link to any external legal contracts you have previously prepared within the Terms and Conditions text box within the ArcartaPay application when creating a new charge.
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