Zero fraud, no disputes and a 100% payment success.

Protection from invoice fraud and cybercrime.
Easy customer due diligence.
Leverage robust AML & KYC tools.
Detect fraud in real-time

ArcartaPay has been used by Dealers and Galleries to securely accept payments from buyers around the world.

We all have worries and concerns when taking payment from a client that isn't with us in person. ArcartaPay makes it safer, faster and easier to request and receive payment by card or bank transfer.
Peter Petrou
Art Dealer of over 40 years

Trusted by businesses dealing in Art, Antiques and Jewellery.

“I recently started using the system for payments, and its more than proved its worth. In a world where we are all increasingly susceptible to fraud, the system provides me and my clients with the security we all need. It's simple and fast to use.”
Nic McElhatton
Nic McElhatton Works of Art
“ArcartaPay has been a great improvement in the way we take payments: we can now send secure requests for payment by email without having to worry about email hacking or invoice fraud. It’s much easier and safer than sending bank account details or asking for the customers card details.”
Kevin Page
Kevin Page Oriental Art

Works with...


Your invoices


Card payments


Website sales

Like Fort Knox.

Our system protects you from fraudulent cards, invoice fraud and interception while helping you know more about who you’re dealing with. Accept or decline any payment.

Have they paid yet?

Payments are typically received in 4 hours or less: Register with us in minutes and send a request for payment to anyone, anywhere in 37 seconds. Start accepting website sales by adding a line of code to your existing website.

It's that simple.

No hardware, no software and no development. No contracts, no forms, no lengthy registration. No commissions, no limits and no charges for refunds.

Trusted by businesses dealing in Art, Antiques and Jewellery.

Nic McElhatton Art Advisory.
Kevin Page Oriental Art.
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As featured in The Antiques Trade Gazette.
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Approved Service provider for LAPADA and CINOA.

Try ArcartaPay for 14 days then select a plan that’s right for you. Plans start at £89 per month.

Cancel your membership at any time, no contract required.
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Frequently asked questions.

I’m locked into WorldPay/PayZone et al - can I use ArcartaPay?
Yes, we do not require that you use ArcartaPay exclusively. If you wish to keep using a service for terminal sales you can do so alongside ArcartaPay.
Do I need to sign a contract to use ArcartaPay?
No, we do not require businesses to sign a contract with us. Try ArcartaPay today for 14 days with no contract or obligation. Select a plan that's right for you and we will charge a subscription each month.
Do I need to open up a merchant account with ArcartaPay to use it?
No, although you may benefit from the savings a merchant account brings when dealing in foreign currencies. ArcartaPay supports TransferWise Borderless accounts and you may link your Stripe account to any foreign currency accounts you have to save on exchange rates.
Are there any limits on payments made by card?
Unlike payment services such as iZettle, Square or PayPal there are no payment limits. You can use ArcartaPay and Stripe to accept single payments by card up to £999,999.99 in 135+ currencies.
How long do payments processed by Stripe take to clear?
Payment clearing times are dictated by Stripe. Typically this takes 3-5 working days.
How does ArcartaPay work?
ArcartaPay is not a payment processor - we’re a platform that helps you increase your revenue with safe remote payments. Remote payments are non face-to-face transactions between buyers and sellers.

E.g. Invoices sent over email, Customer Not Present card payments and online, website sales. 

You can use ArcartaPay to safely accept payment by card, bank transfer and add secure eCommerce to your own website with a line of code.

Explore using ArcartaPay for Bank Payments, Cards and eCommerce 

Learn more about our story.

What currencies do you support?
You can charge customers in more than 135 currencies as defined by Stripe.
Can I use ArcartaPay overseas?
You can use ArcartaPay anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional terminals, so long as you have WiFi or 3G/4G you can accept payment via your phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.
If I have a problem, who do I contact?
If you have a problem with your ArcartaPay account, you can talk to us directly from your dashboard. If you have a problem with Stripe, you can contact them directly.
How can using ArcartaPay and Stripe help me save on exchange rates?
When you accept a Non-Sterling card payment, the non-sterling currency will be converted to Sterling by the bank on-the-spot. 

To convert the currency, the bank will use the Mid-Market rates and will also change you a broker fee for making the conversion.
If you have a Euro or Dollar bank account, you can configure your Stripe account to preserve these currencies by routing them to an account in the same denomination, thus avoiding exchange rates and broker fees applied by the bank.

Should you struggle to configure this, we will be able to assist you.
How can I negotiate rates?
Payments approved with ArcartaPay are processed by Stripe. Stripe state that businesses processing more than £50,000 per month, can negotiate new rates.