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"Tech tackles rising fraud and money laundering in dealers’ market..."
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Secure payment made simple.
The easiest, safest way to accept payment online, over email or by phone. No development, hardware or software required.
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I recently started using the system for payments, and its more than proved its worth. In a world where we are all increasingly susceptible to fraud, the system provides me and my clients with the security we all need. It's simple and fast to use.
Nic McElhatton
Explore ArcartaPay
membership benefits.
Simple and versatile
Receive payments via marketplaces or use privately for your own business
No limits
Accept up to £999,999.99 in a single payment in +135 currencies through your own branded gateway
Currency control
Charge clients in Dollars and Euros and avoid currency exchange fees
On the move
Use as a mobile point of sale and take payment via your phone, tablet or laptop
On your website
Add secure eCommerce to your own website
Dedicated support
Specialist support when you it
Security and fraud prevention as
No fraud.
100% payment success rate.

Our unique payment process, security systems and fraud checks make payment safe for you and secure for your clients.
Perform multiple security and anti-fraud checks
Identify and verify customers and know who you’re dealing with
Encrypt and store payment reports
Geo-Location, Billing Address & Postcode checks weed out fraudsters
Record the date and time customers agree to your Terms of Sale
on payments you approve
£2 minimum charge
Cancel your memerbship at any time
Payments are processed by Stripe and their fee’s apply. Stripes rates are negotiable based on volume.
Receive, review and
approve payments easily and safely with ArcartaPay.
Book a demo or Join below to get started and we'll be in touch to help configure your account.
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Accept immediate payment at any domestic or international fair
Truly mobile, you can take payment via any smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.
No currency conversion on your international payments
Charge your clients in their native currency and avoid high broker fees on your international sales.
Protect your business from cybercrime and fraudulent transactions
Instantly verify and identify unknown clients before approving or declining each payment you receive.
This is by far the safest, most secure way to take payment in person or when a client is not present. It gives us complete confidence and makes our clients feel secure.
Peter Petrou, Peter Petrou Works of Art
Will ArcartaPay work for you?
Protect your business from cybercrime and invoice email fraud
Accept payment without having to send sensitive information over email and protect your business from cybercrime and fraudulent transactions
Immediately save 1.5% on any UK or European payment using ArcartaPay rather than PayPal.
Avoid rate increases set by PDQ machines and terminals
On average, dealers save 1.1% on their payments by using ArcartaPay for Card Not Present payments or International cards.
No currency conversion on international payments
Take payment in Dollars and keep your payment in Dollars to avoid fx rates and broker fees applied by PDQ machines and terminals.
Take payment at any domestic or international fair
Truly mobile, you can take immediate payment via any smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer anywhere in the UK, Europe and Internationally.
It’s really simple and straightforward to instigate the payment and gives all the protection required for legislation and fraud checks. Can be used online, in person or at a fair and over the telephone.
Gary Wright, Gary Wright Antiques
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